Fake Doctor Note

dentist_sampleA fake doctor note is a fabricated document that helps you to take leave when you are in dire need of one. The leaves that we get from work are limited and a number of sudden circumstances erupt which require us to take leave from work or school. You might have to be at home to take care of your sick child/spouse or visit an ailing relative and fill in for someone to take care or just to relax and distress. It is doubtful that you can get leave citing any of these reasons. But you need leave and the only way to get is by faking sickness and authenticating the same with the help of fake doctors note available with certain online websites.


Using fake doctors notes


Fake doctors notes are available in plenty online. You need to choose the template, download the same and print it out and use it as a supporting along with your leave claim. Depending on your needs you can choose from a variety of doctors note which includes eye doctor note, chiropractor note, dentist note, gynecologist note or funeral pamphlet.


Types of fake doctors note


There are two types of fake doctors note, free notes and paid notes. While it is natural to make use of free notes, there is an inherent risk of such notes being detected as fake right on the face. This is because these notes are just blanket notes and would have been used thousands of times earlier. Moreover, the quality of notepaper used is poor and the handwriting grainy and scrawny. They also miss out on the essentials like the doctor’s seal and signature. As a result, it is easy to detect them as fake and you run the risk of even losing your job.


Paid notes on the other hand maintain authenticity and offer customization to meet the needs of individual users. Professional expertise is employed in designing these notes. Care is taken to ensure that the fake doctors note matches an original doctor note to a large extent. In return for a few dollars, you can download and use these notes any number of times. Paid notes will be delivered home based on the time specified by you at the time of ordering. It is recommended that you make use of paid doctors note to save your job.


Is it right to use fake doctors note?


Basically, a fake doctors note is an untrue document. Hence some are of the opinion that it amounts to cheating and hence it is wrong to use them. In fact, some states have put forth laws which make using fake doctors note a punishable offence. From a moral standpoint, it is certainly wrong to make use of such fabricated notes.


However, the use of fake doctors note is rampant. Kids too are using the same to skip school. Parents and schools must be vigilant and examine the note to ensure that the student is not being misguided into following the wrong path by bunking school.


As long as the use of fake doctors note is kept to a minimum, it is considered OK to make use of fake doctors notes.